Rules & Agreements

General regulations

1.1. Only customers of age registered on the website may cooperate with the company and meet the requirements of all terms of this agreement.

1.2. Investor Status is assigned to the user immediately after registration, and the company then gives that person full access to the full functionality of the website.

1.3. Disagree with one or more points means that Investor completely refuses to use this website for investment purposes.

1.4. Investor's personal information is stored on the company's server is encrypted and under no circumstances can be transferred to third parties.

1.5. Certificate of registration by the company and available for viewing on the website.

1.6. Company registration is carried out in the UK, and all operations are carried out in accordance with the laws of this country.

Rights and obligations of the company

2.1. The Company agrees to use the funds received from the Investor, only for the purposes stated in the statutory documents.

2.2. The Company guarantees that the accumulation and payment of dividends are in accordance with the terms of the tariff chosen for the Investor.

2.3. Reproduction of part or all of the designs, materials or tools kept on the company's website is prohibited and protected by copyright.

2.4. Any transaction performed by Investor cannot be changed. The Company is not responsible for the Employer's misconduct and does not compensate for damage caused by the Employer's fault.

2.5. The Company ensures the safe storage and protection of Investor personal data, as well as information about its actions in the framework of this investment project.

2.6. The Company is not responsible for the malfunction of the electronic payment systems used by investors as well as possible damages due to technical errors of those resources.

Rights and obligations of investors

3.1. By registering on the company's website, the investor confirms his or her consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with applicable law.

3.2. The registration on the website implies that the Investor automatically accepts to comply with all provisions of this agreement.

3.3. In order to get status the investor has to complete the registration process, during which the investor is obliged to provide their actual data.

3.4. Investors assume responsibility for each transaction of investors.

3.5. The investor has the right to contact the technical support company regarding matters related to deposit or withdrawal of interest.

3.6. Investors are prohibited from taking any action that could be considered a threat to the safety of the website causing financial or image loss to the company. Upon detecting such action, the Investor's account will be immediately frozen along with the forfeiture of the fund's account.

3.7. Investor does not have the right to create multiple accounts. If there are multiple accounts created with the same IP address, they will be blocked from foreclosure by cash balance without the right to return.

3.8. Investors are not allowed to create an account using their own affiliate links, which leads to fraud and provides a basis for closing all of this user's accounts and also permanently confiscating the funds. in accounts.

3.9. Investors agree not to violate international laws prohibiting the use of financial transactions, money received as a result of illegal acts or crimes.

3.10. The investor is responsible for tax payment in accordance with the law of the country of residence.

Possibility to change the terms of the agreement

4.1. The Company reserves the right to amend or supplement this agreement without notice. The new version of the agreement is effective when it is published on the website.

The reason for the termination of cooperation

5.1. Any of the parties may initiate termination of a business relationship.

5.2. The Company has the right to terminate the cooperation with the Investor in case of violation of this agreement or other illegal acts.

5.3. Investors have the right to terminate their participation in an investment project at any time without explanation.

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